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Caballo Caballo Tigre Tigre (Horse Horse Tiger Tiger) – 马马虎虎

Beijing 05/2012
Sanlitun North Street 81, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Organized by Migas with the support of the Instituto Cervantes de Pekín and Nali Patio

The third Equipo Plastico’s exhibition was held in Beijing. As usual now, we stayed for a month residency, walking, visiting and observing the city. We created artworks inspired in our daily experiences. Unlike the previous two exhibitions, in Peru and Mexico, in China we faced a cultural and linguistic barrier much bigger; but that barrier did nothing but turn the project into a more intense and enriching experience.

After many miles, many traffic jams, many noodles, a lot of observation and many photographs, we developed eight pieces for the show:

Huton Mural
Red Banner
Copies of Copies
Paper Cut

In parallel with the exhibition, we did an installation at the Instituto Cervantes and an intervention in Nali Patio.






Chuan – 串儿

This work is directly inspired by the hand-made lights hanging outside the ¨chuan¨ (kebab on sticks) restaurants (…)

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Hutong Mural – 胡同壁画

The first day when we walked around in the hutongs of Beijing, we were surprised to see the way small businesses use the walls to advertise their services: using stamps, posters, and stencils (…)

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Accumulations – 堆积

Accumulation throughout the city is one thing that caught our eye as soon as we arrived in Beijing. From tricycles on the streets that transport mounds of over-weight materials to the piles of products in the markets (…)

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Red Banner – 红幅

In the streets of Beijing, we observed that the government uses red banners with white Chinese characters to communicate to the public, and these are hung all over the city (…)

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Copies of Copies – 复制品的复制品

In Panjiayuan market, where you can have someone copy any piece of artwork, we told five different painters to copy one of our photos (…)

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Latticework – 格子窗

We see the latticework as a clash between the modern and the ancient, a metaphor of Beijing, and China in general (…)

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Paper Cut – 剪纸

This piece intends to use an ancient traditional Chinese craftwork combined with drawings of our own (…)

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Busts – 半身像

As it is a tradition now, in each exhibition of Equipo Plástico, we display a self-portrait of the four of us (…)

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Pictures by: Sierra Forest, Mariana Coronil and Equipo Plástico