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La Cuadrada

“Kaleidoscopic Vision in the city of Lima”

From the 5th to the 27th of November, 2009
Centro Cultural de España, Natalio Sanchez 181, Lima, Peru.

Lima as a departure point, the only stimulus, direct contact with the city. Without preconceived ideas or previous studies we generated audio-visual projects and installations through real life street experiences, dialogue with it’s people and the appropriation and decontextualization of local resources. The exhibition consists of two well defined parts. First a photographic documentation of everything that caught our attention during the four weeks that we were in Peru. A visual stimuli that served as raw material to produce the pieces. Second, a synthesis of this experience materialized in the form of sculptural installations and a mural in the exhibition space of the prestigious Spanish Cultural Center in Lima.

A big thank you to: Jules Bay and her team; Alvaro García Vilches, David Flores-Hora and all the staff at CCE in Lima; Sierra Forest for the translation.








Photographic Documentation:

During our stay we tried to document everything as well as possible. Everything that caught our attention during our excursions throughout the city. This experience served as a base for all the projects that were formed during the exhibition (…)

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“Combis” Mural:

The intense and chaotic traffic of Lima, the size of the city and the lack of a solid framework of “official” public transport excessively marks ones movement from one point to another (…)

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Adios Dulce Adios (Goodbye Sweet Goodbye):

In a motorized society (…)

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Chicha posters:

This is, in our modest opinion, the greatest graphic advocate for the culture of cumbia and chicha music (…)

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Chicha Banner:

Another appropriation from the «chicha» culture (…)

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Everyday pieces:

We did five other pieces inspired by objects seen in our daily routine in Lima (…)

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